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High-fidelity simulations of micro-scale geometry

This project focuses on development of a framework for synthesizing frictional behavior through very fine-scale elastic simulations. The student will construct high resolution elastic models from scans of real-world objects. Simulations using the scanned surfaces should match the frictional behavior of the real-objects, which is measured as part of a related project. A key challenge here will be achieving stable simulations that are tractable. 

Required knowledge

Knowledge of video games, physics simulation, and/or 3D graphics is beneficial.  Experience with motion capture technology is also helpful (cameras, IMUs, optical markers). All candidates should have strong programming skills, particularly in C++, Python, or MATLAB

Desired program of studies

Masters with thesis

Research domains

Sensors, Networks and Connectivity


Accepted candidates will be funded through a scholarship. Funding is competitive with other Quebec universities.

Additional information

Starting : Autumn 2022 / Winter 2023