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Fabrication and validation of frictional surfaces

This project will develop a new methodology for fabricating and validating the micro-surfaces generated by a computational design pipeline. A FormLabs 3D printer will be used for fabricating prototypes, which will then be validated using a motion capture system. The goal is to ensure that the fabricated surfaces match functional and kinematic specifications.

Required knowledge

The student will collaborate closely a PhD student. Some knowledge of 3D modeling and printing is beneficial. Experience with motion capture technology is also helpful (cameras, IMUs, optical markers). All candidates should have strong programming skills, particularly in C++, Python, or MATLAB. 

Desired program of studies

Masters with project, Masters with thesis

Research domains

Innovative Materials and Advanced Manufacturing


Accepted candidates will be funded through a stipend. Funding is competitive with other Quebec universities.

Additional information

Starting : Autumn 2023

Keywords: 3D printing, computational design, physics-based animation, friction