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ÉTS encourages continued studies for international students

Monday, March 1, 2021

ÉTS has announced the procedures for the Summer 2021 semester, along with its expectations with respect to a gradual return to in-person activities during the Summer semester, with a view to holding the Fall semester primarily in person. In light of this, international students should plan to arrive in Montréal in the coming months.

All final exams for the Summer semester will be held in person on a mandatory basis, and therefore, all international students who are registered for any courses during the Summer semester must arrange their travel and be available for the end-of-semester exams. The dates indicated in the academic calendar remain in effect.

Throughout the past year, despite the circumstances, ÉTS has continued to successfully welcome international students, and has expended every effort to facilitate their procedures. ÉTS has adopted intervention plans and implemented extremely rigorous protocols, including reinforced accompaniment services, to allow for students to be welcomed on campus in complete safety.

ÉTS is delighted to announce the new exceptional measures that will be implemented to facilitate the welcoming and integration of international students who plan to arrive in Canada in the coming months.

Financial support for supervised quarantine

The Government of Canada has introduced additional measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Since February 22, 2021, travelers must be isolated in a government-authorized hotel while awaiting the results of a molecular COVID 19 screening test that will be administered upon their arrival in Canada. This hotel stay may be up to 3 nights, at the expense of the traveler.

In light of this, ÉTS is announcing the establishment of a financial assistance program for all international students who are arriving in Montréal to continue or begin their studies during the Summer semester, so that they will be able to take full advantage of all of the teaching activities and services offered by ÉTS.

All international students who are registered for the Summer semester, are newly admitted or have pursued one or more semesters remotely from their home country and have arrived in Canada since February 22 or will arrive in Canada in the coming months, can take advantage of a reimbursement of the cost of staying in a government-authorized hotel, up to a maximum of $1,000 (CAN). This amount will be paid in the form of a credit on the student’s account, upon presentation of supporting documents related to the hotel stay (payment receipt). Detailed procedures will be posted on the ÉTS website (COVID-19 | Update for International Students) soon.

Quarantine in university residences

ÉTS has modified its protocol for welcoming international students in university residences for quarantine purposes. Therefore, those who are registered for the Summer semester, are newly admitted or have pursued one or more semesters remotely from their home country and will be arriving in Canada in advance of or during the Summer semester, will be permitted to complete their quarantine in the residences, subject to availability and a negative result on the screening test administered upon arrival in Canada.

The stay in the residences will be invoiced at $500 (CAN) for the quarantine period, including rental fees for a studio apartment for a maximum of 12 days and an installation kit. These fees will be included in any reimbursement in the form of a credit to the student’s account.

For information or reservations, please contact

Registration procedures

To confirm their registration for the Summer 2021 semester, all international students must hold a valid study permit or a letter of introduction (approval of study permit) before the beginning of the Summer semester. Graduate and post-graduate students who live outside of Canada and are registered for research credits for the Summer semester may be exempt from this requirement, with approval from their Research Director.

Students who have been admitted for the Summer semester and who are not able to present the required documents may request a postponement of admission to a later semester, at no cost.

All students who are registered for courses during the Summer semester must arrive in Canada by July 18, 2021 at the latest, and must send their study permit to upon arrival in Canada.

Detailed procedures will soon be sent by e-mail to students who are affected by this.

Other regulatory considerations – currently registered students

Students who are unable to or choose not to travel to Canada for the Summer semester should take the following regulatory considerations into account:

  • Registration for the Summer semester is optional for students in Bachelor, certificate, Specialized Graduate (DESS) or Master with Project programs.
  • Continuous registration is required for all students in research (M.Sc.A., Ph.D.) programs. However, it is possible to request an authorization for leave of absence.


The Student Services team remains available to provide personalized guidance services to international students in completing their pre-departure procedures, upon arrival in Canada and to help with their integration throughout their studies.

In addition, international students who are registered for the Winter semester and who arrive in Canada before the end of the semester are eligible for the Financial Support and Encouragement of Perseverance bursary program, subject to certain conditions.

ÉTS would like to reiterate that it has adopted an intervention plan for welcoming international students. Detailed information, including the Quarantine guide, is available on the ÉTS website. Students can also attend webinars organized by Student Services and contact the service d'aide à la quarantaine (quarantine assistance service) or an International Students Advisor by e-mail, or request an individual online meeting by appointment.

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