Reminder for the international student community

Procedures for the Summer 2021 semester

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

In light of recent directives issued by the government and Public Health authorities, ÉTS has announced temporary measures that will be in effect at the beginning of the Summer semester. ÉTS plans to return to in-person activities as soon as health conditions allow, and expects to favour a gradual return to in-person activities during the Summer semester, with a view to the majority of activities being delivered in person during the Fall semester.

ÉTS would like its international student community to clearly understand the main considerations behind its approach to the Summer semester, along with the support services that are available in anticipation of their study projects and travelling.

Study procedures

  • The majority of courses will be delivered remotely at the beginning of the Summer semester, with the exception of courses for which in-person participation is necessary;
  • Courses that were initially announced as being delivered in person will be held in person as soon as the temporary measures can be lifted;
  • Unless otherwise notified, all final exams for the Summer semester will be held in person, with mandatory attendance, even for courses that are delivered remotely throughout the semester;
  • Evaluation procedures for each course, especially the holding of a final exam, are indicated in the respective course outlines, which will be available by the beginning of the semester at the latest;
  • International students who are not in Canada are authorized to pursue all available activities remotely, subject to mandatory registration conditions, and especially requirements related to immigration documents;
  • Any student who is registered for a course that includes a final exam must be able to attend the end-of-semester exam in person (final exams will be held from August 2 to 11, 2021, as initially indicated in the academic calendar).

Regulatory considerations

ÉTS would like to remind students who are unable or unwilling to travel to Canada that there are a number of regulatory considerations that may allow them to adapt their academic path:

  • Registration for the Summer semester is optional for international students in Bachelor, Certificate, Specialized Graduate (DESS) and Master with project programs;
  • Students who are registered for a Bachelor program are authorized to pursue a co-op work term in their home country, in compliance with the Règlement sur l’enseignement coopératif (By-law respecting co-operative education);
  • International students at the graduate and post-graduate levels are authorized to register for project or research credits in their home country, subject to prior approval from their Research Director, and in compliance with the Règlement des études de cycles supérieurs (By-law respecting graduate and post-graduate studies);
  • Continuous full-time registration is required for international students in research programs (M.A.Sc., Ph.D.). They have the option of requesting an authorization for leave of absence.

Arriving in and returning to Canada

Final exams for the Summer semester are being held in person, and therefore, affected students who are not in Canada must arrange for their travel, and plan for their mandatory quarantine (14 days) upon arrival, in order to be available for the in-person exams. They must also arrive in Canada by July 18 at the latest and send their study permit to once they arrive in the country.

Students who are not affected by final exams must also plan for their travel in anticipation of the majority of activities being held in person during the Fall semester.

ÉTS strongly recommends that students verify travel conditions via the Government of Canada website, and would like to remind them that it has implemented an intervention plan for the purpose of welcoming the student community. Detailed information, including the Quarantine Guide, is available on the ÉTS website.

Financial support for supervised quarantine

ÉTS has launched a financial support program for supervised quarantine for students arriving in Montréal to resume or begin their studies during the Summer semester and who are subject to the additional measures introduced by the Government of Canada, including the requirement for supervised quarantine in an authorized hotel upon arrival.

Quarantine in ÉTS residences

ÉTS would like to remind international students arriving in Canada within the coming weeks that they can complete their quarantine in ÉTS residences, and are eligible for reimbursement of the rental fees for this stay. Make a reservation to confirm the eligibility criteria. If you require more information, please contact us by e-mail, at

Registration procedures – new students

To confirm their registration for the Summer 2021 semester, international students must hold a valid CAQ and a valid study permit or letter of introduction (approval of study permit) before the beginning of the Summer semester, with the following exceptions:

  • Graduate and post-graduate students living outside of Canada who are registered for research credits may be exempt from this requirement with approval from their Research Director;
  • Exchange students who are registered for less than 6 months may be exempt from this requirement if their course selection is limited to courses that do not include final exams.

Students who were unable to send their documents before the end of the registration period (April 16) may request reactivation of their registration by sending their missing documents to

Students who have been admitted to the Summer semester but who are not able to present their documents may request a postponement of admission to a later semester, at no charge, and should update their documents.


ÉTS would also like to reiterate that its intervention plans have been adapted to welcome the student community and have been meticulously applied for a number of months. The Student Services team offers personalized guidance services to international students in completing their pre-departure procedures, upon arrival in Canada and to help with their integration throughout their studies.

Information sessions have been organized on the following dates to address any concerns that students may have:

Returning students

  • Webinar - Retour au Canada en contexte de pandémie (returning to Canada during the pandemic), April 30, 1:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon | Registration
  • Webinar - Retour au Canada en contexte de pandémie (returning to Canada during the pandemic), June 1, 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. | Registration

New students

  • Orientation session for graduate and post-graduate students, April 22, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon | Registration
  • Orientation session for exchange students, April 22, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. | Registration
  • Orientation session for new international students, April 22, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. | Registration

Those who wish to are encouraged to contact an International Student Advisor by e‑mail or to arrange for an individual online meeting, by appointment. Specific questions related to quarantine procedures can be sent to thevv service d'aide à la quarantaine (quarantine assistance service).

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