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A new recognition program for female students at ÉTS

Monday, March 8, 2021
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Today is International Women’s Day, and ÉTS is delighted to introduce Palmarès Féminin pluriel, a new recognition program for female students at ÉTS, under the auspices of the Objectif Féminin pluriel (objective: increase female representation) campaign.

In keeping with its commitment to adhering to Engineers Canada’s goal of increasing the proportion of women in engineering to 30% by 2030, ÉTS launched the Objectif Féminin pluriel campaign in 2019. Within the context of actions associated with this campaign, ÉTS was seeking a way to recognize the members of its own female student community – inspiring women with whom others can identify. 

Competitions often reward individuals with exceptional backgrounds, which is as it should be! On the other hand, ÉTS firmly believes that there are many diversified types of paths that can provide inspiration and that deserve to be celebrated!

This belief led to the birth of Palmarès Féminin pluriel, an annual program that celebrates 30 women from all levels at ÉTS who stand apart in their own way, based on criteria that are as varied as the students themselves. Applications can focus on a wide variety of qualities, including perseverance, leadership, involvement (academic, extracurricular, community), determination, commitment, research, balancing studies with personal life and many more. Each student’s path is unique and deserves to be celebrated!

Until April 9, female students at ÉTS are invited to submit their applications by writing a letter or producing a short video. There is also the option of submitting an application on behalf of another person.

The recipients of the Palmarès Féminin pluriel will be announced in June. Winners will receive a $500 scholarship and will be featured in communications produced by ÉTS.

ÉTS is proud to recognize its female students, who are helping to increase the representation of women in engineering

Caroline Bourque
Communication and Student Recruitment Service

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