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Our mission: To limit the impact of noise

The Acoustics Research Group of Montréal (GRAM) has been a recognized research unit at ÉTS since 2017. Our main goals are to limit the impact of noise and vibrations on the comfort, health and safety of workers and the general public, and to facilitate the auditory perception of sound signals, such as speech, music and emergency signals.

Other objectives include building an academic and industrial network in the field of acoustics for the benefit of members and students during and after their training.

About GRAM

GRAM represents a merger of two entities:

  • ICAR: The Infrastructure commune en acoustique pour la recherche ÉTS-IRSST (ICAR – ÉTS-IRSST Common Infrastructure for Research in Acoustics) is a research and training laboratory that focuses on industrial acoustics.
  • CRITIAS: The Chaire de recherche industrielle CRSNG-EERS en technologies intra-auriculaires (CRITIAS – NSERC-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies) is the result of a long and productive collaboration between EERS (formerly Sonomax) and ÉTS.
Our team

Facilities and equipment

The main facilities used by GRAM can be found in the  laboratory, located in the main building at ÉTS.

Scientific research into noise requires ultra-modern facilities installed in a controlled environment. Advanced experimentation is made possible thanks to the specific characteristics of the ICAR lab, which is the only facility of its kind in Montréal.

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Research projects for students

Are you interested in carrying out a project within the course of your studies? GRAM is always on the lookout for motivated students who wish to take part in our research projects.

Recruiting students

Are you interested in acoustics and/or vibrations, and in joining the GRAM team? Conducting research during your studies enables you to develop your practical skills and benefit from expert mentorship. Submit your application form now.

Partnerships with companies

Do you represent a company or an organization and wish to explore a potential collaboration with GRAM? Partnership is an integral part of our research culture. Contact us to discuss your needs.