The community of ÉTS graduates: A network comprising 28,000 individuals!

École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is proud to number among its community some 28,000 talented and creative graduates who are contributing to the development and collective wealth of society. As employers, entrepreneurs and experts in engineering, our graduates promote and expand the outreach of ÉTS. They all share one common attribute: They have received a unique and practical engineering education that prepares them for the challenges that companies are facing in terms of innovation in the 21st century.

Our graduates develop a strong sense of belonging to their alma mater that stands the test of time and inspires them to give back through donations to projects of particular interest to them and through their participation in various initiatives aimed at supporting future generations of engineers. This support is a key factor in the success of students and the growth of ÉTS.

Information concerning ÉTS graduates: Relance ÉTS (Survey conducted among ÉTS graduates – PDF)

Helping its graduates to develop is a priority for ÉTS, which supports their ascension to the top of their respective fields. The Alumni and Philanthropy Service team translates this support into concrete action aimed at establishing and optimizing constructive and long-lasting links between ÉTS graduates and the academic community.

Our graduates also benefit from support through the ÉTS Graduate Association (Réseau ÉTS / ÉTS Network), the main role of which is to promote the advancement of ÉTS graduates and strengthen their sense of belonging and their support for the growth of ÉTS.

A network of 28,000 graduates
According to Relance 2017, 93% of graduates are satisfied with the education they received at ÉTS
On average, ÉTS graduates earn $65,165 within 1 to 3 years after graduating