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Teaching Support Office

The mission of the Teaching Support Office (BSE) is to provide support to the teaching community with respect to concepts and questions related to teaching or technology-based teaching in higher education. This includes questions involving best practices in the various teaching modes: in-person, online, hybrid or comodal.

The BSE also hosts a community of practice that focuses on teaching, supervises the deployment of teaching-based institutional grant competitions and enhances the value of teaching through various initiatives.

Personalized coaching
The BSE team provides instructors with coaching based on their specific needs related to teaching or technology-based teaching. If you have any questions, please write to

One of the resources available to the teaching community is a Guichet virtuel (virtual portal) that allows instructors to meet with an expert in the field of Educational Technology on a weekly basis. 

Training activities
The BSE offers a number of teaching and technology-based teaching activities intended for the ÉTS teaching community. Consult the programmation des activités (schedule of activities, in French).

Multimedia production
Expertise in multimedia production allows the BSE to offer support to instructors in developing professional educational projects in film and editing studios. Technologically advanced equipment makes it possible for the BSE to assist in the production of remote lab sessions, videos, voice recordings and Ligthboard clips, among others.

Technology-based teaching Studios
There are two types of studios available to the teaching community for recording asynchronous teaching videos or for broadcasting teaching sessions in synchronous mode: 

  1. With light board
  2. Synchronous

For more information, see the Technology-based teaching studios section (in French).

Moodle Support
The Moodle Support website includes all of the elements required to develop a course in Moodle through the use of resources and activities. Consult the Moodle Support website.

Oversight of teaching and technology-based teaching
The remote training support (FAD) website is a forum for dialogue, resources and teaching tools reserved for the ÉTS teaching community.
Consult the support à la formation à distance (remote training support, in French) website.

Innovation in teaching day
ÉTS takes advantage of the Innovation in teaching day to share, recognize and commend the achievements of its instructors over the course of the previous year. This event is essentially intended to promote dialogue and communication related to innovative teaching practices and to enhance the value of pedagogical development at ÉTS. In light of this, it is an ideal opportunity for informing the community of innovations in teaching at ÉTS! The annual event is held in the spring.

Innovative practices in teaching and technology-based teaching
A number of events and activities for instructors are organized on a periodic basis to promote innovative practices in teaching and technology-based teaching.

Community of practice
An advisory committee comprising professors and senior lecturers from the teaching community of practice addresses various teaching-related questions, including the nature of services offered, the content of the training offer, innovations, etc. The committee meets approximately five times per year.

Programme de support institutionnel à la recherche et à l'enseignement (PSIRE)
In keeping with its commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning in courses and laboratories, ÉTS promotes and recognizes the teaching accomplishments and innovations of its professors and senior lecturers through the teaching component of the Programme de support institutionnel à la recherche et à l’enseignement (PSIRE – institutional support for research and education program).

Fonds de développement académique du réseau (FODAR)
The Fonds de développement académique du réseau (FODAR) is a network development fund that supports the strategic directions established by the Commission de l’enseignement et de la recherche (CER – education and research committee) to assist in developing the Université du Québec network in the areas of training, research and creativity. The FODAR is a strategic tool that the CER uses to provide financial support for the academic development of its constituent institutions and the UQ network.

Fonds de développement de l'enseignement à distance (FODED)
The Fonds de développement de l'enseignement à distance (FODED) supports the implementation of structuring, bold and innovative remote-teaching projects shared by two or more institutions within the Université du Québec network. The goal of FODED is to contribute to making remote higher education more accessible, to provide the learner with a quality educational experience and to promote the sharing of resources and the transfer of expertise.