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Women and engineering

The world needs more female engineers, so we must multiply the number of women who have access to engineering.

Increased presence of women in engineering

Despite an increase in their presence in recent years, women continue to be under-represented in engineering educational environments. ÉTS is hoping to reverse this trend by facilitating the integration of women who choose the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

A number of initiatives have been implemented with a view to attaining the objective of 30% female engineering students by 2030 and creating a sustainable change in culture.

Learn more about these initiatives by visiting our News page.

Objectif Féminin pluriel


Objectif Feminin plurielDrawing inspiration from Engineers Canada’s vision of 30 in 30, which aims to increase the proportion of women in engineering to 30% by 2030, ÉTS has introduced a number of activities (conferences, public consultations, discussion groups, etc.) designed to gain a better understanding of the concerns affecting current female engineering students and the role of women in engineering

This led to the creation of Objectif Féminin pluriel (objective: increase female representation): a genuine rallying cry, a call-to-action intended to multiply the presence of women at ÉTS on every level. The word “objective” was chosen because it evokes the idea of finality – a specific goal to be attained through an inclusive process. It is a shared objective that the entire community can rally around.

Watch the video (in French)

Palmarès Féminin pluriel

Recognition and scholarship program for female students at ÉTS

Palmarès Feminin plurielÉTS is delighted to launch the 2nd edition of Palmarès Féminin pluriel, a recognition program for female students. Most competitions reward individuals with exceptional backgrounds, which is as it should be! On the other hand, ÉTS firmly believes that many different types of inspirational paths are worthy of commendation!

This belief led to the birth of Palmarès Féminin pluriel, an annual program that celebrates 30 women from all levels at ÉTS who stand apart, each in their own way.

Selection criteria

What are the criteria that applications should focus on for this competition? It’s up to you! Noteworthy qualities that may prompt the submission of an application include perseverance, leadership, involvement (academic, extracurricular, community, etc.), motivation, dedication, positive impact of research work on the lives of others, study-personal life balance and many others. Every journey is unique, and all deserve to be celebrated!

Tell us about yourself and explain how you stand out as an inspiration beyond academic success. You may be chosen as one of the 30 honourees of the Palmarès Féminin pluriel program. Each winner will receive a $500 cash scholarship.

Looking for examples to inspire you? Check out the profiles of the 2020-2021 winners (in French).

Les Ingénieuses de l’ÉTS

Les Ingénieuses de l’ÉTS

Les Ingénieuses de l’ÉTS has adopted a mission of promoting the integration of women into the field of engineering. By organizing social, educational and networking activities, its members provide support and motivation for female students in their educational paths and their future careers in engineering. Their goal is to make a difference for women who have chosen to pursue engineering. They are also involved in a number of other organizations with a view to encouraging young women to explore their interest in the sciences and considering careers in applied science.

Visit the website of Les Ingénieuses de l'ÉTS (in French)


Urelles logo

Within the context of Objectif Féminin pluriel, ÉTS is delighted to be a contributor to the second season of URelles, le Balado (URelles, the Podcast – in French).

URelles is the first French-language podcast in Canada that focuses on women who are active in the extensive technology sector. Presented in the form of a round table, the host, Chloé Freslon, and her commentators discuss subjects that ignite passion among their guests and allow them to showcase their expertise.

This is a prestigious partnership for Objectif Féminin pluriel; an initiative that is intended to raise awareness of and recognize the role of women in engineering among the ÉTS community.

Two women from the ÉTS community are among the guests for the second season: Suze Youance, an Instructor and expert in the effect of earthquakes on buildings, and Léanne Dutil, a student who is studying cybersecurity.

In addition to the discussions related to the expertise of each guest, URelles addresses other very interesting topics, such as sex robots, ethics in artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and many more.

Listen to or replay the podcasts here


G-CHANGE Program

 G-CHANGE Program

Deux personnes de dos qui écrivent sur un mur. Logo G-Change.

A flagship program conceived by ÉTS and powered by RBC, the mission of G-CHANGE is to inspire upcoming generations of young women aged 15 to 19 years to shape the world of tomorrow by getting involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Visit the G-CHANGE website for more d’information.

ÉTS is committed to 30% representation among female engineering students by 2030.
Women currently represent 27,6% of the student population at the graduate and post-graduate levels.
Women currently represent 40% of ÉTS' executive positions.
Celia-Nour Mahour-Venturelli, Electrical Engineering student
I feel like I’ll be able to work in environment, start a business or do an MBA…. Things that I didn’t dream of in CEGEP, for example. Icon
Celia-Nour Mahour-Venturelli, Electrical Engineering student

While working on her DCS in Natural Science with a concentration in Health at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Celia-Nour Mahour-Venturelli already knew that she wanted to study Electrical Engineering. Drawn toward green energy, solar panels, wind energy and hydroelectricity, her goal was to work in a sector that was in perfect harmony with her values.

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