Sophie Lerouge, chercheure en génie biomédical à l'ÉTS, travaille sur un biogel qui s'attaque aux cellules cancéreuses

Deans' Offices

Office of the Dean of Research

The Office of the Dean of Research provides guidance and support for all ÉTS research and technology transfer activities, including the commercialization of expertise and research results.

More specifically, it:

  • Sees to the development, management and leadership of all research and development activities carried out by faculty researchers as well as research teams and groups;
  • Sees to the coordination and supervision of faculty in the preparation of grant applications and industrial contracts;
  • Provides support for research projects that include a partnership between ÉTS and other institutions or industrial partners;
  • Keeps an eye on possibilities for funding research projects and solicitation of granting agencies and companies including follow-up on major projects such as those submitted to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Canada Research Chairs Program;
  • Administers the research component of the school’s PSIRE (Institutional Support for Research and Education) program;
  • Develops ÉTS policies on research and sees to their implementation;
  • Ensures various aspects of compliance of research projects (ethics of research with human subjects or animals, projects with biological risks, programs using controlled goods, etc.).



Des étudiant en ingénierie travaillent à la cellule robotisée de l'ÉTS

Office of the Dean of Studies

The Office of the Dean of Studies is responsible for the development and the overall organization of educational programs for all levels of study.  It sees to their overall operation, their development and their evaluation.

It also ensures the quality of education by coordinating professional development activities for teaching staff, following up on faculty evaluations and developing various means of pedagogical support favouring the improvement of teaching methods and teaching tools.
The activities of the Office are focused on:

  • Supervision of higher-level studies;
  • Management of bursary programs;
  • Academic affairs;
  • Pedagogical support for faculty;
  • Financial support for the development of educational materials.