Handy Fortin Blanchette: Converting Energy in an Era When Worldwide Energy Needs Are Increasing

An improvement of a few percentage points in terms of the conversion process has a significant impact over the long term. This is the focus of Professor Fortin Blanchette and his team.

How Is Energy Converted?

To convert energy sustainably, engineers must use new materials, reduce weight, adjust the volume, enhance sustainability, and optimize the layout of the parts according to the electromagnetic fields, which cause considerable interference that hinders performance.

Using Simulators to Optimize Systems

Today, multinationals make extensive use of simulations to optimize their systems. Using real-time simulators, they are able to reproduce physical phenomena at the same speed at which they actually occur, which allows them to optimize systems and improve the performance of energy converters.

Concrete Applications

As part of a project carried out with a Quebec company, the team went to India, where nearly 30,000 villages are powered by varied and extremely unstable energy sources. The team worked to connect all of the sources to multiport converters that it had designed beforehand in order to convert energy while stabilizing the voltage.

Energy conversion expertise is a good export, especially in areas where advanced technology is less common.