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A Partnership That Will Bring Strategic Advances to Esterline CMC Electronics

“The partnership established with the LARCASE (Active Control, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity Aeronautical Research Laboratory) team, under the supervision of ÉTS Professor-Researcher Ruxandra Botez, a Canadian aerospace industry scholar, has allowed us to conduct research that we could never have done otherwise, for lack of manpower, funding and time”, explains Rex Hygate, Business Development Manager at Esterline CMC Electronics.

This multi-phase project has been instrumental in the development of the CMC CMA 9000 flight management system and display, for which the company was recently awarded its first purchase contract. The system was selected in part because of its vertical navigation ability, which was the subject of ÉTS students’ research work.

Thanks to their research efforts, those who participated in the project have developed and acquired skills that can be put to good use anywhere in the world. They have created a niche that will benefit both ÉTS and CMC.

“I believe this collaboration will result in strategic advances for our business,” added Mr. Hygate.

Effective Collaboration between ÉTS and CMC

“Research projects with LARCASE have been carried out with professionalism and efficiency. LARCASE founder Ruxandra Botez supervised all the work and was at all times fully aware of the team’s progress. Over the years, the ÉTS team has developed an operating method that keeps the pace of research going, Dr. Botez ensuring that there is constant knowledge transfer without requiring any CMC intervention,” concluded Mr. Hygate. 

Esterline CMC Electronics 

Montréal-based Esterline CMC Electronics designs and manufactures state-of-the-art electronic products for aviation. CMC is a subsidiary of Esterline Technologies, a multi-national headquartered in Washington State that specializes in aerospace and defence, with roughly 13,000 employees spread across the planet.  

Recognized worldwide for its innovative avionics and flight deck systems integration solutions and its state-of-the-art displays, CMC has been an ÉTS industrial partner since 2009 in the context of Green Aviation Research & Development Network (GARDN) (external site) collaborative projects.