Research Chairs and Labs

ÉTS intends to position itself as a leader in research and maintain its close and privileged ties with industry. Its choices of research subjects are made in collaboration with its many industrial partners and aim at concrete applications in specific areas.

Canada Research Chairs NSERC Chairs ÉTS Chairs Industrial Research Chairs

Industrial Research Chair on the Integration of Digital Technologies in Construction 
Holder: Daniel Forgues

Industrial Research Chair in Forming Technologies of High-Strength Alloys
Holder: Mohammad Jahazi

Dr. Richard J. Marceau Chair on Wireless IP Technology for Developing Countries
Holder: François Gagnon

ArianeGroup Research Chair on Emerging Materials in the Aeronautics and Space sector
Holder: Sylvain G. Cloutier  

Siemens Industrial Chair on Industry 4.0 Technology Integration
Holder: Hany Moustapha

P&WC-ÉTS Industrial Chair on Propulsion System Integration and Optimization
Holder: Hany Moustapha

Olympus Industrial Chair on Ultrasonics Nondestructive Testing
Holder: Pierre Bélanger

Research Units Certified Research Units Recognized

CoRo – Control and Robotics Laboratory
Director:  Ilian Bonev

DRAME – Research group specialized in Development and Applied Research in Environmental Modeling
Director: François Brissette

DRSR – Research team specialized in Development and Research on Structures and Rehabilitation
Director:  Omar Chaallal

ÉREST – Research Team in Occupational Safety and Industrial Risk Analysis
Director:  Stéphane Hallé

GRAM – Groupe de recherche en acoustique à Montréal
Directors : Olivier Doutres and Jérémie Voix

GRIDD – Research Group in Integration and Sustainable Development in Built Environment
Director:   Daniel Forgues

LABMULTIMEDIA – Multimedia Research Laboratory
Director:   Éric Paquette

LAMSI – Shape Memory Alloys and Intelligent Systems Laboratory
Director:  Vladimir Brailovski

LARCASE – Aeronautical Research Laboratory in Active Control, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity
Director: Ruxandra Botez

LASSENA – Laboratory of Space Technologies, Embedded Systems, Navigation and Avionic
Director:  René Jr. Landry

LATIS – Biomedical Information Processing Laboratory
Director: Catherine Laporte

LCMB – Pavements and Bituminous Materials Laboratory
Director: Alan Carter

LG2 – Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Laboratory
Director: François Duhaime

LIDD – Laboratoire d'ingénierie pour le développement durable
Director:   Natalia Nuno and Philippe Terrier

LINCS -  Cognitive and Semantic Interpretation Engineering Laboratory  
Director: Sylvie Ratté

LIVE – Interventional Imaging Laboratory
Director:  Luc Duong

LOPFA – Optimization of Aerospace Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
Director:  Philippe Bocher

NUMERIX – Organizational Engineering Research Laboratory for the Digital Enterprise
Director: Mustapha Ouhimmou

TFT – Thermo-Fluids for Transport Laboratory
Director:   Julien Weiss (on leave)

Research at ÉTS
24 Research Chairs
40 research chairs by 2024
27 research groups