Recruit a Graduating Student or Graduate

ÉTS trains specialists in the fields of engineering. Each year, some 1,100 new engineers graduate from ÉTS. Recruiting our graduating students and graduates for a permanent or contract position is a great way to access the latest developments in engineering and technology transfer.

Are you seeking a graduating student or a recent graduate (less than 2 years)?

We offer an engineering positions posting service, free of charge.

You can take part in networking and on-campus activities aimed at ensuring the visibility of your organization among graduating students and recent graduates. Check out Co-op Work Term and Job Events.

How it works:

  • Job openings are posted online as soon as they are received;
  • ÉTS sends applications who satisfy the selection criteria to the employer as soon as possible;
  • If you wish, ÉTS will contact the applicants and arrange interview times;
  • Interviews can be conducted on campus or at your offices.

Number of potential graduating students

Are you seeking a graduate with more than 2 years of experience?

Please refer to Réseau génie carrières, Québec’s specialized job portal for engineers, which has an agreement with the ÉTS network (graduate association).


Third-party recruiters

Third-party recruiters are agencies, organizations or individuals who recruit candidates in order to fill positions for organizations other than their own.

In keeping with its mission of cooperative education with respect to its clients/employers, the Cooperative Education Department has set the following rules:

  • A minimum fee is charged for posting a job opening through a third-party recruiter.
  • Third-party recruiters must reveal the identity of their clients.
  • Third-party recruiters cannot keep a CV from an applicant for future reference without the consent of the applicant.

Number of potential graduating students

Construction engineering
Summer 2019: 101  |  Fall 2019: 90  | Winter 2020: 76  |  Total: 267

Electrical engineering
Summer 2019: 51  |  Fall 2019: 41 | Winter 2020: 48  |  Total: 140

Software engineering
Summer 2019: 64  |  Fall 2019: 42  | Winter 2020: 44  |  Total: 150

Mechanical engineering
Summer 2019: 105  |  Fall 2019: 102  | Winter 2020: 83  |  Total: 290

Operations and logistics engineering
Summer 2019: 36  |  Fall 2019: 22  | Winter 2020: 14 |  Total: 72

Automated manufacturing engineering
Summer 2019: 32  |  Fall 2019: 31  | Winter 2020: 21  |  Total: 84

Information technology engineering
Summer 2019: 31  |  Fall 2019: 18  | Winter 2020: 19  |  Total: 68

ÉTS close ties with industry
100 industrial partners
One technological venture accelerator
1,200 businesses hire ÉTS co-op students annually