Sciences, Computing and Mathematics Assistance Centre (CASIM)

Located in the library (A-0217), CASIM is a place where you can work, alone or in a group, and get help from a tutor to answer any questions you may have. Two heads are better than one!


  • Is free;
  • Does not require you to register;
  • Allows you to progress in your studies without getting stuck on an exercise;
  • Aims to be a friendly place to work;
  • Offers you assistance, whether it’s 5 minutes or 3 hours or more.

Please note that tutors may not substitute for the teacher by answering questions concerning assessments. When the tutor’s approach to solving a problem differs greatly from the teachers, it is your responsibility to consult your teacher.

Get Personalized Individual Coaching

Are you having a hard time adapting to university? Is it difficult to get into an effective study routine? Student Services offers you a personalized individual coaching service to help you acquire effective study methods such as planning, note-taking, organization and memorization.

To get personalized individual coaching, please complete an application [PDF] (in French) and bring it in person to Student Services (E-3042) or e-mail it to

If you have a diagnosis from a recognized professional, please visit the Students with Special Needs page.

Participate in Our “Health and Wellness” Support Workshops

Student Services regularly organizes workshops to help you succeed in your studies.
Download the schedule of wellness and learning support workshops [PDF] (in French).