Assistance for Student Clientele with Special Needs

If you have special needs, we encourage you to come and meet with a learning support counsellor as soon as possible. If you have a diagnosis, assistance can be provided to facilitate your integration and success in your studies.

Please note that assistance services for international students are limited to certain measures. Consequently, certain types of special measures may incur costs to the student.

Opening a File to Arrange for Assistance

Special Request for Exam with Additional Time


  1. Make an appointment with one of the Student Services advisors to open your file and have your needs assessed.
  2. Have your instructors sign the confirmation letter that you received by e-mail and send it to
  3. Complete your Students With Special Needs (SWSN) Exam Request Form directly in MonÉTS through the Form/Request SWSN Exam within the prescribed deadlines.
  4. Check your exam schedule (location, duration, start time) in the MonETS application calendar.

Intras and quiz

you must complete a request to set up an exam in MonÉTS for each exam.
Deadline: 6 business days before the exam


Registration for the winter semester: from 14 to 24 March 2019

Deferred Exams

Have your teacher or your department head fill in an ESH deferred exam form and send it by email to

If your request for a deferred exam relates to a final exam, send the form to