Roger Champagne

Roger Champagne
Department of Software and IT Engineering


My education is primarily in Electrical Engineering, up to and including my Ph. D. I was also trained in Software Engineering afterwards. I teach exclusively in Software Engineering, while I am active in both disciplines in my research and industrial collaborations. I am one of the original authors (and still an active developer) of the SimPowerSystems simulation software.


I perform research mainly in the field of software architecture. I am mostly interested in modeling systems in order to reason about system-wide properties such as performance, modifiability, availability, etc., early in system design. I am currently a member of the Laboratoire en Architecture de Systèmes Informatiques (LASI).


I mostly teach software architecture at the undergraduate and gradute levels. These are the courses I teach on a regular basis:

  • LOG430 - Architecture logicielle (Software Architecture)
  • MGL844 - Architecture logicielle (Software Architecture)

Contact info

Office: A-4499
Phone: 514 396-8825
Fax: 514 396-8405