Alessandro Lameiras Koerich
Alessandro Lameiras Koerich
B.Ing (UFSC, Brésil), M.Sc. (Unicamp, Brésil), Ph.D. (ÉTS)
Département de génie logiciel et des TI

Current Students

Ph.D. Students

  • Sajjad Abdoli (ÉTS). Ph.D. Thesis. Deep Architectures for Audio/Music Information Retrieval (Feb 2017 - )
  • Kelly Lais Wiggers (PUCPR-Brazil). Ph.D. Thesis. Pattern Spotting in Historical Documents. (Mar 2015 - )

M.Sc. Students

  • Juan David Silva Ortega (ÉTS). M.Sc. Thesis: Affective Computing (Jan 2017 - )
  • Simplice Tchatue Kamga (ÉTS). M.Sc. Thesis: Affective Computing (Mar 2016 - )
  • Philippe Mercure (ÉTS). M.Sc. Thesis: Enhancement of Appointment-Based Schedule Systems using Mobile Devices and AI. (Mar 2015 - )

Former Students

Ph.D. Students

  • Andreia Marini (PUCPR-Brazil) . Ph.D. Thesis: Bird Species Identification Using Deep and Shallow Strategies. December 2014.
  • Yandre M.G. Costa (UFPR-Brazil). Ph.D. Thesis: Combination of Texture Features at the Frequency Domain for Music Genre Classification. August 2013.

M.Sc. Students
  • Marcelo J. Cossetin (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Facial Expression Recognition using Global Features. 2015.
  • Jhony K. Pontes (UFPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Hierarchical Age Estimation Based on Local and Global Features. 2014
  • Rodrigo A. Seger (UFPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Computational Analysis of Ancillary Gestures of Clarinetists.2013
  • Fábio Dittrich (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: A Method for People Counting in Crowd Using Multiples Views. 2011.
  • Thiago H.H. Zavaschi (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Facial Expression Classification Using Combination of Classifiers. 2011.
  • Cheila M. Bergamini (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: A Comparative Study of Fusion Methods for Biometrics. 2009.
  • Andréa Marini (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Analysis of Rejection Strategies for Multiclass Problems Using ROC Curves. 2007.
  • Andre G. Hochuli (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Non-Conventional Event Detection in Video Scenes Using Feature Vectors. 2007.
  • Israel Rios (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Keyword Search in Document Images: An OCR-Free Approach. 2007.
  • Jaime D. Valle Jr. (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Automatic People Counting in Video Scenes using Computer Vision. 2007.
  • Carlos N. Silla Jr. (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Combination of Classifiers for Automatic Music Genre Recognition. 2007.
  • Bruno C. Paula (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: An Intelligent System for Turn-Based Strategy Games: A Case-Based Planning Approach. 2007.
  • Richardson Ribeiro (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Evaluation and Action Policy Discovery for Adaptive Autonomous Agents. 2006.
  • Pedro R. Kalva (PUCPR-Brazil). M.Sc. Thesis: Image Classification Using Combination of Classifiers and Contextual Information. 2005.

Undergraduate Students
  • Ana Carolina B. Pavan (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2015.
  • Ronald Campanari (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2014.
  • Paulo Ricardo L. Faria (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2014.
  • Alef Junior Turatti (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2013.
  • Daniel Sampaio (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2013.
  • Rafael Y. Yamasaki (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2010.
  • Guilherme S. Hayashi (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2010.
  • Welinton Canelo (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2009.
  • Rafael A. Giliczynski (PUCPR-Brazil) Undergraduate research internship. 2008.
  • Alex Soletti (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2007.
  • Gabriel M. Rocha (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2006.
  • Melanie Y. Yee (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2006.
  • Thiago E. Sczepanick (PUCPR-Brazil) Undergraduate research internship. 2006.
  • Gustavo E. Sitta (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2005.
  • Jeffferson Handa (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2005.
  • Evelyn Kler (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2005.
  • Luiz M. Rego (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2005.
  • Guilherme Simião (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2005.
  • Carlos H. Costa (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2005.
  • Jaime Dalla Valle Jr. (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2005.
  • Elson Renato França (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2005.
  • Reedlei Nagornni Jr. (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2005.
  • Danilo G. Moraes (PUCPR-Brazil). Engineering Design Project. 2004.
  • Gabriel B. Pinheiro (PUCPR-Brazil). Undergraduate research internship. 2004.
  • Yann Leydier (ÉTS-Canada). Undergraduate research internship. 2001.

Me joindre

Bureau : A-4487
Téléphone : 514 396-8574
Télécopieur : 514 396-8405


Paper accepted at the IEEE SMC 2017
Multiple Classifier System for Plant Leaf Recognition 
Paper accepted at the IEEE ICASSP 2017
Two-Stage Facial Age Prediction using Group-Specific Features 
Paper accepted at the INTERSPEECH 2016
Native Language Detection using the I-Vector Framework 
Paper accepted at the IEEE IJCNN 2016
Facial Expression Recognition Using a Pairwise Feature Selection 
Paper accepted at Pattern Recognition
A Flexible Hierarchical Approach For Facial Age Estimation 
Paper accepted at the ACM Multimedia 2015
Paper accepted for the AV+EC 2015 Challenge at the ACM Multimedia 2015. 
Paper published at Expert Systems
PKLot – A robust dataset for parking lot classification.