Alain April
B.Sc.A., M.Sc.A. (UQAM), Ph.D. Software Engineering - Magdeburg Universitat, Germany
Full Professor - Department of Software and IT Engineering
Alain April
Industrial activities are essential to applying recent artificial intelligence and BigData concepts to industry and helping with technology transfer of academic research results:

Screen-Shot-2017-02-01-at-1-03-05-PM.pngA number of confidential projects.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-25-at-4-39-29-PM.png Expert Witness for a patent infringement case involving the Quebec Health Record System.

Screen-Shot-2016-03-29-at-07-11-31.pngThis mandate was assigned to help with the conformity of the IT processes of the bank.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-25-at-4-33-45-PM.png Help with SR&ED.

Snoobe.pngSnoobe is a Montreal startup and was looking for advice on the BigData Analytics aspects and multiplatform mobile frameworks.

Current problem: The owner needs advice and expertise to: select software and hardware technologies (i.e. BigData and Analytics) to move from a prototype solution to a real, full blown, system that can support a large number of online customers, experiment for data mining facility, and use a multiplatform frameworks.
Mandate: Provide support and advice on technological aspects
Overview: Provided proof of concepts and studies in BigData and multiplatform mobile development.

This project aimedat the inventory of all Information Technology, biomedical engineering and logistics technologies for the integration project (plan for 2013-2018) identifying future requirements, funding and priorities for the largest mother-child university hospital centre in Canada. 

Current problem: Understand the breadth and integration associated with the expansion of the hospital. Identify priorities and opportunities associated with 3 separate areas: Information Technology, Biomedical equipments and Logictics. Identify existing projects, future trends, financing needs and priorities.
Mandate: Provide expertise and lead the report/presentation activities
Overview of solution: Interview personnel, capture requirements, classify requirements within best practice observed internationally, identify funding gaps, propose a deployment plan for each of the three areas of technology, present to management.

Screen-Shot-2017-10-02-at-8-31-40-AM.pngThe Microsoft Azure grant will allow us to conduct an IOT test of heterogeneous manufacturing robot data collection for processing a steady flow of measurement data that will be immediately interpreted to provide information for decision making (artificial intelligence for Manufacturing 4.0)

VdeM.pngThis project aimed at supporting the user representatives assigned at creating RFI's and RFQ's to replace the city's existing budgeting system (ERP).

Current problem: Finance/Budgets users reps. need coaching;
Mandate: Provide expertise for large ERP acquisitions;
Overview: Provide expertise to the city for the production of public RFQ's for large  software acquisitions:
            - choice of one or many RFQ's;
            - attribution system selection (one or two envelopes);
            - managing consortiums or sub-contractors;
            - define the structure of technical documents;
            - styles and approaches to adopt in writing the functional/technical RFQ;
            - evaluation grid and criteria;
            - les clauses éliminatoires.
      - Provide functional expertise (how to present requirements);
      - Ensure quality control of the RFI, RFQ;
      - Participate in technical committees.

RONA.pngThis mandate was assigned to help with formalizing the business process maps of the IT (life-cycles) processes for SOX conformity audits.

Current problem
: Meet Sarbanes-Oxley requirements in IT (life-cycles);
Mandate: Project management and delivery;
Overview: A process re-engineering project done with interactive personnel interviews where process map where formalized/reviewed/enhanced. Publication of the final process maps on the intranet and training of all the IT staff. Audit reviews by Deloitte to ensure conformity to SOX. Additionnally the customer asked for expertise in fixed cost risk-sharing contracts clauses and training for an Oracle Finance software acquisition project;

Screen-Shot-2018-06-25-at-4-37-19-PM.png Help with SR&ED

Matricis.jpgThis mandate was assigned to help formalize internal software development processes and prepare for ISO9001 certification.

Current problem: How can a small software development company formalize its internal software engineering processes and align them to newly acquired toolset ensuring that oprations are kept agile but still meet ISO9001 certification;
Mandate: a few hours, once a week, help with process formalisation
Overview: Provide expertise with software life-cycle management process by conducting interactive process mapping with existing personnel, using PYX4(Qualigram), to ensure all internal processes are formalized/aligned. Review the alignment of processes with newly acquired toolset: (Microsoft CRM 2013 and ProRM).

Systematix.pngThis mandate aimed at formalizing the business processes of the Desjardins financial services with the objective of representing an overview of the users interactions with their current information systems.

Current problem
: Representing the processes and roles that interact with IT systems
Mandate: Process definition and representation;
Overview: Meet with functional users and design processes, interactively, ensuring that current IT systems are represented.

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