24-07-2017 : Participation at USNCCM14 2017, Montreal, Canada.

Yassine BOUISSA participated  in 14th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM14) held in Montreal, Canada , July 17-20, 2017. He presented a talk entitled: Modeling Heterogeneities Effects on Phase Transformation during Quenching of Large Size Forged Steel Ingots.

15-05-2017 : Participation at ESAFORM 2017, Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Omid Majidi participated in 20th international ESAFORM 2017 conference which held in Dublin, Ireland. He presented the latest scientific topic entitled: Variation of Strain Rate Sensitivity Index of a Superplastic Aluminum Alloy in Different Testing Methods.

21-04-2017 : Congratulation to Frédéric Bédard!

Congratulations to Frédéric Bédard on being awarded the "Fondation J. Armand Bombardier for transportation" scholarship.

31-03-2017 : Participation at Linear Friction Welding Conference 2017, Cambridge, UK.

Mrs. Fatemeh Masoumi presented the latest scientific topic on ″Liquation during LFW of Nickel Superalloys″ in 4th Linear Friction Welding Symposium 2017 which held in TWI Ltd., Cambridge, UK. Additionally, nearly 100 attendees and the world leading universities and companies represented from across the UK, Europe as well as Canada, USA, Japan and Russia participated in this conference.

31-03-2017 : Participation at TMS 2017,San Diego, California, USA.

Chunping Zhang, PhD student at ETS and CM2P member, participated at TMS 2017 Conference held in San Diego. She presented her work on ‘'Effect of Segregated Alloying Elements on the High Strength Steel Properties: Application to the Large Size Ingot Casting Simulation"


05-03-2017 : Bourse AEROCREATE

Congratulation to CM2P members, Omid Majidi, Emna Benfredj, Nima Bohlooli Arkhazloo, Alireza Aleyari, Maxime Le Royer, Seyyed Hesamodin Talebi and Garry Brionne for having been selected in the competition and receiving the AEROCREATE program scholarship to validate their professional skills in the field of manufacturing processes.


02-03-2017 : Participation at TMS 2017,San Diego, California, USA.

Emna Ben Fredj, PhD student at ETS and CM2P member, participated at TMS 2017 Conference held in San Diego. She presented her work on ‘Effect of Cooling Rate on Phase Transformation and Microstructure Evolution in a Large Size Forged Ingot of Medium Carbon Low Alloy Steel’


13-12-2016 : Last Reunion of 2016 for CM2P - Happy holidays to all and may 2017 bring even more scientific progress!!


24-11-2016 : Deux étudiants sélectionnés pour présenter au Sommet de l'Innovation

Hadi Ghaseminanesa (Post Doc) et Nathan Harris (Doctorant) ont été selectionnés parmi de nombreux candidats pour présenter leur trauvaux au Sommet de l'Innovation de Montréal 2016 sur l'Industrie 4.0. #SMI2016.

 Leurs travaux respectifs traitaient des sujets suivants:

Hadi: Development of New Heat Treatment Cycle for Tool Steels in Forest Industry
Nathan: Multipurpose Forging Analysis Software development


21-09-2016 : Participation à la conférence METAL FORMING 2016

Nathan Harris, finissant en maîtrise, a participé à la conférence Metal Forming 2016 qui a eu lieu à Cracovie en Pologne du 18 au 21 Septembre. Il a présenté ses travaux sur 'Analysis of Void Closure during Open Die Forging Process of Large Steel Ingots'.


29-05-2016 : Participation à la conférence THERMEC2016

Abdelhalim Loucif (post-doctorant) a participé à la conférence "International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials Processing, Fabrication, Properties, Applications (THERMEC’2016)" qui a eu lieu à Graz (Austria) du 29 mai au 03 juin 2016. L’intitulé de la conférence était "Macrosegregation of alloying elements in hot top of large size high strength steel ingot".

01-04-2016 : Bourse AEROCREATE

Yassine Bouissa, étudiant au doctorat, a été sélectionné au concours et recevra la bourse du programme AEROCREATE, visant à valider les compétences professionnelles dans le domaine des procédés de fabrication.